The LHSC Media Archeaology Project is a month long digital mapping and storytelling project produced by the students of the Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University in collaboration with Shoot4Change. During July 2017, students researched and reported on social inequality, government corruption, recovery and revitalization, and media change. They interviewed subjects in Rome, Frascati, L'Aquila, and Scampìa.

What follows are three maps with site-specific locative tags. The maps require the user to click on the location markers to expand the information. Some of the tags include video interviews and other tags include 360 images hosted on Flickr. Every tag represents the exact geographical location the images or recordings were taken. The goal is to create an archaeological record of the spaces and voices of Italy in 2017 through the lens of Herbert School students.

The Maps


The maps are powered by Mapbox and the data is collected using the Spatial Humanities Kit. The maps are separated to three locative and temporal zones (with the exception of Rome). The students visited Frascati, a small city outside Rome, to discuss possibilities and opportunities for young people on 5 July 2017, the earthquake devastated L'Aquila with Shoot4Change and our guide Simona Iovane on 12 July 2017, and the revitalization efforts taking place in Scampìa, Naples with the help of Scampìa Trip Tour led by Daniele Sanzone, founder of Scampìa Trip Tour, and Ciro Corona, founder of (R)esistenza Anticamorra, Cooperativa Sociale (R)esistenza, and R-esistenze Meridionali, on 25 July 2017.

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Each map contains a closer focus on the location in order to access the geotags.

There is a large icon on each map to introduce each section to the user, please click on the large icon first. The main site is accessible by clicking the image of the map above. The L'Aquila map is set to satellite imagery as the devastation can be seen from the satellite images as well.

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Locations and Stories

The Archive

Our Mapbox is used as an archive of space, place, time and stories. All material is captured and archived in July 2017.

Catalog of Material by Location

Location Description Date
Frascati Tour of the town with Alfredo Minardi
Interview with Flavia Daniele
5 July 2017
L'Aquila Tour of town with Simona Iovane
Interview with Simona Iovane
Interview with Ilaria Carosi
12 July 2017
Scampìa, Naples Tour of town with Scampìa Trip Tours
Visit with Antonio Picolo, founder of
Arci Scampìa
Interview with Daniele Sanzone
Interview with Ciro Corona
25 July 2017
Grazie mille to Shoot4Change for guidance,
coordination, translation, and organization.


SCOinRome 2017

SCOinRome is the study abroad program of the Herbert School of Communication. Organized by Professor Randy Hillebrand, the SCOinRome Program is now in its 6th year with over 50 alumni. Each year, students are challenged to explore Rome and learn about the local media environments and culture. In 2016, the group teamed up with Antonio Amendola, Andrea Ranelli and Dario Fatello of Shoot4Change, a non-profit organization that captures international stories. In 2017, Shoot4Change continued their collaboration bringing the new cohort to L'Aquila and Scampia.

The 2017 group were tasked with telling stories of the citizens and changemakers of the regions using the Spatial Humanities Kit. Students archived their experience on this mapping project, creating an interactive archaeological project. Working with Professor Jamie Cohen, the students were able to adapt upon the map Jamie and his colleague Matt Applegate developed for their Molloy New Media study abroad trip to the Boyne Valley Ireland.

S4C (Shoot 4 Change) is a network of photographers (professionals and not), journalists, charters, painters and other dreamers who believe they can change the world with a few, small gestures.

The team (alphabetical order): Mack Caldwell, Ashlee Elsayed, Ryan Garry, Harrison Grubb, Sophie Kabel, Caroline Lea, Emily Sauchelli, Haley Schwartz, Christine Spagnuolo, and Kurtis Von Krueger. | You can find group bios on the main site tag on the large map.

LHSC Media Archaeology | SCOinRome2017 is led by Jamie Cohen & Randy Hillebrand and in collaboration with Shoot4Change, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License and in collaboration with the New Media Program at Molloy College.


SCOinRome 2017

Interested in the program? Want to study in Rome and enhance your skills in documentary, storytelling, journalism, vr/ar, and learn to collaborate with non-profits and NGOs?
Contact Program Director Randy Hillebrand

For information about the map or the media archaeology approach, or if you would like to collaborate, contact Professor Jamie Cohen

Learn more about Shoot4Change and like their Facebook page by clicking here.

Want to do mapping on your own? Check into the Spatial Humanities Kit project.